I had a phone date yesterday with my friend Megan who is the writer behind the amazing travel blog Bohemian Trails. We were talking about trips she was taking and ones that I was planning this year, and her energy about traveling got me really excited about exploring the world. Megan’s been basically everywhere (she’s a very lucky girl!), but I’ve only just begun.

Our convo inspired me to create this blog post. I found these gorgeous travel inspiration quotes designed by others, and since they–along with Megan–inspire me to be more adventurous, I figured maybe you would get as much enjoyment out of them as I do. Who knows… maybe they’ll even inspire you to come visit me (hint hint!)

via Indulgy

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via Move Nourish Believe
via Cruise Planners
via The Fresh Exchange
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via Etsy
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Where do you want to go that you haven’t already? And more importantly, what are you waiting for?!

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