Funny story: Last Sunday, Christopher and I woke up after what felt like a really long night’s sleep, but the clock only said 9 am. We went on with our day, having coffee at a cute little cafe, taking a long walk, cooking a yummy meal, and watching one of my favorite movies ever–Brewster’s Millions (the 80s version). It was a typical day, but something just felt a little off and I couldn’t put my finger on it. Later that night, we were having a completely random conversation and we both wondered if the UK moved their clocks back in the fall. So, I googled it. And guess what–they do. On October 26 at 2 am. That’s right–we completely missed the time change but thankfully all of our technology updated it automatically!

It was a super weird feeling and also a little disappointing. I love the end of Daylight Saving because you get a bonus hour to do something you might not do ordinarily. So, since Fall Back is happening in the States today, I decided we’ll just wake up a little early and re-do our day. In the spirit of the end of Daylight Saving, I put together a fun list of things you can do with an extra hour. Enjoy!

1. Write a handwritten letter or email to an old friend — This one is inspired by my some of my sweet friends and family members who have sent me actual cards in the mail while we’re over here. Living abroad ironically makes catching up easier because the intervals between updates are longer. It makes me want to write long emails to everyone, so apologies in advance if you get a novel from me in the future 🙂

2. Get a massage — All you need is 60 minutes and a good masseuse to be completely transformed into a totally relaxed and peaceful person. Yes, please!
3. Work out — It’s tough to get a good workout in sometimes, but now there’s no excuse when you have a bonus hour. Feel the burn! (And for my friends running the NYC marathon today, you’re doing the ultimate workout. GOOD LUCK!)
4. Bake something — Want a yummy British recipe to try? This version of the pumpkin scone is to die for (it’s actually from my favorite tea house in NYC but judging from the scones I’ve had in England, it’s not only authentic but in my opinion, better.)

5. Update your resume — Whether you love or loathe your current job, it’s always a good idea to keep your resume current and now’s the perfect time to do it.
6. Organize your photos into an album — This is actually our big project today. We’ve got tons of pics from our last few trips clogging up all the memory in Christopher’s phone. There’s nothing like re-living fun times while marking something off your to-do list (Psst! Shutterfly’s hard cover books are 50 percent off through tonight if you want to get creative.)
7. Learn a phrase in another language that you can throw into conversation — We can’t all be Mark Zuckerberg and learn how to speak fluent Mandarin (seriously Mark?!), but we can learn fun phrases to casually toss out during a discussion. Il est facile!
8. Indulge in a bubble bath — Do you really need a reason?
9. Learn to knit — There are tons of tutorials on YouTube that show you how to do this. Plus, you can make homemade presents for everyone you love. This one’s inspired by my sister who is in her knitting phase right now — I’m expecting a crooked scarf for Christmas, missy 😉
10. Plan your Thanksgiving menu — We’re actually hosting Thanksgiving this year for our neighbors. If you have any delicious recipe ideas, please share them in the comments! We’d love to try them out 🙂

What are you going to do with your extra hour?