The big week is here — I’m going to be turning 30 on Thursday (eek!) For the past five years I’ve been kind of blah about my birthday. Once you’ve hit 25, what is there to look forward to really? When I was younger, I always envisioned myself hitting this milestone bday married with at least one kid, living in NYC and working as an editor-in-chief at some glossy magazine. And while I’m not writing this post from my corner office in Time Square with a picture of a newborn on my desk, I can honestly say I wouldn’t want my life to be any other way right now.

I’m actually super pumped about entering this new decade in my life. I had planned to do a 30 Before 30 bucket list this year but I totally dropped the ball on that one (I blame the wedding, international move, and career change that happened all at once). So instead, I made a list of things I’m most looking forward to about turning the big 3-0. Here we go:

  1. Leaving the decade where birthday parties start at 11 pm 
  2. Being left with a core group of friends after spending the last 10 years weeding out the toxic ones
  3. Knowing myself better than I ever have in my entire life
  4. Feeling confident enough to stand up for something I believe in
  5. Being able to stay in on a Friday night — pajamas and all — and not feel guilty about it
  6. Having the energy to still go out and have fun (when I want to)
  7. Knowing better than to wear uncomfortable heels out all night
  8. Having enough money to take a cab and not the subway if I do opt for the painful shoes
  9. Having enough money and sense to buy comfortable shoes
  10. Getting the opportunity to travel and see new things
  11. Being mature enough to appreciate the culture of other places
  12. Starting to invest in real furniture, not that crappy Ikea stuff (although it served me well)
  13. Feeling confident in my decisions…
  14. …But still able to call my mom for advice when I need it
  15. Knowing when to say I’m sorry
  16. Knowing when to expect an apology from someone else
  17. Being able to look back on my life and know that there are even more exciting adventures to come
  18. Not being afraid to try new things…
  19. …Or meet new people
  20. Having my own established style
  21. Knowing how to shop for clothes that actually fit
  22. Knowing what I like to eat…
  23. …And how to cook it
  24. Finally appreciating red wine…
  25. …And never having to do a shot again
  26. Knowing that perfection doesn’t exist…
  27. …But feeling like what I have is the closest alternative
  28. Getting to look back on the things I’ve achieved…
  29. …While anticipating the things to come
  30. Writing this exciting new chapter in my life
Have you hit this milestone year yet? What’s your favorite part about being in your 30s? Tell me so I have even more to look forward to 😉 xoxo