view from the top of a double decker bus in oxford
The view from the top of a double decker bus

Yesterday was an exciting day. My former NYC coworker Katie just happened to be in Oxford visiting her friend, and we planned to meet up for lunch in the city centre. Not only was I excited about seeing a familiar face, but also having that human interaction I don’t really get while working from home (besides the repair guy and a few delivery people).

I hopped on the double decker bus and went straight up the stairs to the top… obviously. Then I went to the very front row–it’s the best view. Turns out, I’m not the only one who thinks so.

“It’s so hot,” a little girl in a black and white polka dot dress shouted out as she wiggled in the seat across from me. Her mom stayed downstairs while she enjoyed the view. “This morning I just knew it was going to be hot so I put on this dress.”

“Well that’s a very cute dress,” I told her, speaking the truth. I’d totally wear it.

“I love dresses. Every girl should,” she replied.

I figured the conversation might end there, but she kept talking (and of course I kept listening.)

“My cousin just got a puppy,” she continued. “His name is Rocco. I’ve never actually met a real live puppy before, but I’m going this weekend for her birthday and he’ll be there. Her birthday is the same day as my dog Coco’s birthday. He’s the same age as me–7. I have another dog who is 12. And I used to have two fish, but they died so we flushed them down the toilet [giggles, then a moment of sadness]–that’s what we do when a fish dies. I don’t remember their names.”

“It’s funny–I had fish too. And I don’t remember their names either,” I said.

Sierra (I found out her name only through conversation as she talked about herself in third person during a story about a rabbit) was covered in loom band jewelry which she had made herself. After I complimented it, she raised her finger up, told me to hold on, ran downstairs and came back up with a blue and pink loom bracelet.

“Smell this,” she said, holding it up to my nose.

“Is that strawberry?” I said flashing back to my Strawberry Shortcake dolls.

“Yes! Isn’t it lovely?” she asked in her adorable British accent, taking a big whiff of it herself. She inspected her bracelet a little more. “I am the best at loom bands. No one in my family can make them as good as I can.”

The bus slowed to a stop and Sierra realized where we were. “I’m sorry, I have to run!” she said running downstairs to meet her mom. I imagine they spent the afternoon shopping for more loom bands and enjoying high tea. I sat for the rest of the ride with only the faint smell of strawberry next to me.

I don’t know why, but I truly enjoyed my conversation with Sierra. It turns out sometimes the littlest things (and people) can have the biggest impact on your day.

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Caption: Prince William was also introduced to loom bands recently. I wonder if his smells like blueberry.

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