Traditional English Christmas dinner

Our lovely neighbors did it again–another amazing meal from Chef Greg and hostess Aleks. The four of us celebrated the holidays a little early this year, and Greg whipped up a traditional English Christmas dinner this past weekend. It was delicious and really fun!

Chef Greg and his turkey!

Have you ever heard of Christmas crackers? I hadn’t, but they’re everywhere over here. Basically it’s a cardboard tube wrapped in a pretty twist of paper. Each place setting gets one, and right after you sit down to eat, you hold it up, grabbing one end with one hand and the end of your neighbor’s with another hand, pulling until they pop and break apart (kind of like a wishbone.) Usually there’s a toy or small gift inside–I got golf tees, Christopher got a magic trick, Aleks got a teeny tiny silver frame, and Greg got a working ink pen. Each one also came with a joke and charade prompt, along with a paper crown which you’re supposed to wear during dinner (according to good ol’ Wikipedia, the tradition of wearing festive hats dates back to the Roman times.)

Maybe we should wear these hats all the time?

As we wore our cute crowns, we dined on yummy turkey, brussels sprouts, parsnips, potatoes, cranberry sauce, carrots, and stuffing balls (can you tell Greg spoils us?) Then we ended up playing charades after dinner thanks to the idea from the Christmas cracker! This was my first time playing with Christopher, and I appreciated how into it he got 🙂

“Two words!”

It was a perfect night! So thankful we have such great friends to show us the proper way to have a traditional English Christmas. I honestly don’t know what we’d do without them.

Posing with the lovely hostess!

What are you guys planning to do for Christmas Day this year? Christopher’s family is in town and we’ll be having dinner at an old 17th-century hotel. Can’t wait! Although it’ll be great, I highly doubt the restaurant’s food will compare to Greg’s!

Merry Christmas!