You know that scene in Forrest Gump where he decides to go for a run and just keeps going? That kind of happened to us this weekend (except instead of a jog, it was more like a stroll). We woke up, rolled out of bed, and grabbed coffee from a local cafe. But it was such a pretty day–something we haven’t had in a while–so we decided to take our lattes to go and explore the neighbourhood (<– see what I did there?). We ended up venturing down this adorable path called Cuckoo Lane.

Selfie at the start of our journey. We had no idea how far we were about to go.

Once we came to the end of that path, we just kept going and found another one that lead us to a river full of mallards and swans–SWANS! What kind of magical place did we stumble across?

No ugly ducklings in this water. They were all so pretty.

We then went through a gate and entered what I pretended was a secret garden. For some reason this tree reminded me of Hogwarts:

Doesn’t the tree look like it might grab Christopher and take him away?

I then got caught up in a forest of branches.

It’s okay, I managed to get untangled.

Before we knew it, we were facing off with monsters…

My new dinosaur friend at the Oxford University Museum of Natural History

And Christopher was meeting one of his heroes…

John Hunter, a surgeon from the 1700s

We went back outside and spring had officially sprung.

Oxford University Parks
A pretty spot in Oxford University Parks

And all of a sudden, we realized we had walked three miles to the city centre!

That’s the famous Radcliffe Camera behind me.

We couldn’t believe we had walked so far! So, we decided to break for a drink at Turf Tavern, one of the oldest pubs in Oxford.

A brief pause for pints

Re-energized, we decided to keep exploring and ended up at New College (ironically, despite its name, one of the oldest Oxford colleges.)  

New College, Oxford
Fun fact: Hugh Grant attended this college

After four hours of exploring, we were pretty tired.

Just casually resting up in a wall built 900 years ago

But it was worth every extra step…

Spring flowers on High Street in Oxford
The flowers blooming on High Street!

Happy Spring, everyone! Hope you all get to have a day this season where you go out for coffee and just keep walking.

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