There are some things I would never put together. For example, me and running–that’s a no. Also, jalapenos and ice cream. ??? But I had the latter during a recent trip to the TABASCO Factory in Avery Island, Louisiana, and I was surprised how yummy it was!

For just a dollar toll to get onto the island, you can try it for yourself and also see how the hot sauce is made. During our tour, we got to see the factory where the world-famous bottles were being filled, capped, labeled and checked for quality. The shipment we were watching was going to France (au revoir, little bottles!)

Remember those wine barrels we saw in Bordeaux that were used for a couple of years and then sold to whiskey producers? Well, there’s a chance they could be used for making TABASCO, too. After the Jack Daniels team is done with their barrels, they’re sold to this factory and are used to age a mash of pickled peppers and salt.

After 3 years of aging in the barrels, the mash is mixed with vinegar and stirred intermittently for weeks. Then they strain the seeds and pulp and bottle it up for us to enjoy on everything from eggs to wings… to ice cream and Coke?!? Yep! At the country store they had TABASCO soda. I think the recipe is just a few drops of the hot sauce in your drink–try it if you dare! And the ice cream I mentioned above–pretty good, I have to admit. (You can buy it here if you want to try it.)

Are you a TABASCO fanatic? What’s the weirdest food you put it on? Share in the comments!