So, you want to write a novel? You’ve come to the right place! I’ve been interviewing my favorite authors about the craft of writing and finding out the tricks and tips they’ve learned through the years in my new video series, “Write Your Story.”

I chatted with Hannah McKinnon who has the most beautifully-crafted novel out now—“Message In the Sand.” There’s something so amazing about her ability to write characters and scenes so vividly. You’ll find out in the video below exactly how she does that.

And, one of the best tips—in my opinion—that she shares is how she makes time to write. In fact, her first novel was written on maternity leave while her baby napped. So, yes, we all have excuses for why we might be too busy to write, but I think her story will go to show anyone that you can make it happen no matter what your current situation is. Hoping you feel as inspired as I did!