I’ve noticed a recurring pattern in the five days we’ve been in Oxford: starting off with a traditional English breakfast (pretty much the same as an American breakfast but with baked beans), sightseeing (I’m pretty sure my use of the words “beautiful,” “adorable” and “gorgeous” has doubled over my lifetime since moving here), and drinking at pubs.

Speaking of pubs…last night at The Eagle and Child (where J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis met over drinks –and whatever else–with their writers group), I saw these words written on a beam:

While we don’t actually have friends here yet (hoping I can entice our future neighbors with wine and cheese), we have been meeting new people every day and chatting with other couples, so it doesn’t necessarily feel like we’re isolated (something I was fearful of).

I’ve also noticed that it rains here every day–kind of like those Louisiana summer afternoon showers I grew up with as a kid, only these are colder. 
Although right now the sun is actually out so I guess we should go back outside and continue with our pattern… I suppose it’s pub time (by my calculations), so I’ll just leave you for now with a “Cheers, mate!”