garden in London
A pretty little scene we passed by in London last weekend

Happy Friday! What are you up to this weekend? The weather is finally perfect in Oxford (I was nervous about the cold rain when we first got here). We’re planning on exploring some nearby castles or palaces this weekend–how cool is it that they’re in driving distance? Before we head out on our royal adventure, I wanted to share some fun links with you that I came across this week (many of which are written by my friends who are bloggers… I love being surrounded by such talented and inspiring people in real life and on the web.) Enjoy!

It’s nice to know that someone else understands my introvert life

… and my hoarding tendencies with a strong desire to eliminate clutter.

These recipes made me desperately miss America and our barbecue pit…

…and these grilled strawberry-mint bellinis look pretty amazing too.

Christopher and I are going to London again this weekend, and maybe we’ll eat here because my new blogger friend said to…

…and perhaps we’ll tour these avant-garde neighborhoods my friend Megan recommended.

My sister brought up the idea/possibility of meeting her in Ibiza this month, which in turn made me obsess over this place. Just look at it!

And we’re also trying to come up with an exotic place in Europe to visit during the holiday weekend in August. Got any recommendations?

Have a wonderful weekend!