Next week, the world of fashion will be taking over New York City for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, and I never really appreciated it like I am right now being so far away. Working at a magazine for years, I got to experience the hype first hand. I truly enjoyed the people-watching and the styles that the editors rocked in the audience. And the shows were absolute productions! But I’m not going to lie, the parties were the best part — especially for a young and totally underpaid editorial assistant in Manhattan. A girl’s gotta eat, and I was thankful for so many shrimp cocktail and champagne dinners!

Since I’m not in NYC this year, I thought I’d dedicate this Friday’s Fun Reads post to fashion. I decided to include the pic above because the lighted sculptures remind me of the fashionable women you see on the catwalk (I guess you can also interpret it as a gang of creepy girl ghosts…) This pic was taken in our hotel in Edinburgh, Scotland this past weekend.

But I digress… Enjoy these fun reads before you head out and do whatever fabulous thing you have planned!

I came across this fascinating article about flight attendant uniforms of the past. Catsuits, bubble helmets and paper dresses… I’m sure my sister who is one now is thankful those trends aren’t still in fashion.

3D printed fashion has made its way to the runway, and a show in Russia featured only looks designed and produced from the innovative printers…

Which leads perfectly into a shout-out for my friend Hannah’s 3D printed jewelry line Mynlyn. She’s awesome, and you should totally check it out!

I have to admit I’m jealous of everyone in the States right now because of all the Labor Day sales going on this weekend. Here’s a good list of all the good deals! You’re welcome 😉

And specifically for my NYC friends, did you hear that the Palace Hotel is inviting fans to dress as their favorite Gossip Girl characters and recreate a photo of the cast? Wear your most luxurious headbands, do your best Blair Waldorf, and find Chuck Bass for me! XOXO

PS! I’ve heard from a lot of you that the comments aren’t working for everyone, so I installed a new commenting system. Try it out and let me know if it works!

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