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This Sunday, Christopher and I will celebrating our six month wedding anniversary! I used to think it was silly to celebrate anything that wasn’t a full year, but I’m excited to toast to this half milestone because these past six months have been anything but ordinary.

Tonight we’re going to dinner at a cute little Oxford restaurant (I’ve learned you have to put the words “cute” and “little” in front of every Oxford establishment when you’re talking about it). Our sweet friends Andy and Scarlett sent us a gift certificate to celebrate — they’ve been married for seven years and have the most adorable little boy. I love that we have so many friends who have marriages we can look up to, and I hope that one day we can be the experienced couple that our future newlywed friends can do the same with.

Anyway, all that to say, I’m focusing on love and marriage for this week’s link roundup. Enjoy!

I wrote this “Is He a Good Boyfriend?” quiz for Seventeen years ago when I was an editor there and took it the day before our wedding. I’m very happy to say Christopher passed the test (phew!)

Does the cost of your engagement ring or wedding determine if your marriage is going to last? One study says it might…

But nothing is as priceless as this story: A paralyzed woman made a goal for herself to walk down the aisle on her wedding day, and she did it! How amazing is that?

And when you’re married, that automatically means you have to do a couples costume for Halloween, right? PopSugar has a 101 really cute ideas.

Finally, I laughed out loud at this Buzzfeed post “Marriage on Instagram vs. Marriage in Real Life.” Too funny!

Hope you all have an amazing weekend! XOXO

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