Another week down… happy Friday! This week’s Fun Reads photo inspiration came from a local bocce ball club in Oxford. We snapped it our first week here and have since been plotting how we can join. I mean, just look at how cool those people look! And the matching uniforms? Dying!

So, in honor of the bocce ball pic, I decided to focus on sports-related links for this week’s roundup. If you know me at all (which you probably do because you’re reading this blog), you know I’m not exactly a sports enthusiast. BUT I’ll admit sometimes they can be fun.

We’ve really gotten into Friday Night Lights while over here (well, we stopped at season 3–I’m kind of over the Smash story, and why is Mrs. Taylor the principal after one year working there?? Maybe if Tyra went back to her cute haircut from Season 2, I’d consider continuing. Does it get better?) And my Facebook newsfeed is full of college football status updates so I feel like if I’m going to do a sports-related anything on this blog, now is the time. Here are some fun links I found:

If you like laughing at the expense of others, these gifs of people attempting slam dunks are pretty funny.

Is BubbleBall the sport of the future?

Fantasy Football drafts are becoming more and more mainstream — want to start your own team? Here’s a pretty basic guide. But if you’re just not into the NFL, there’s a celebrity version too.

Looking to play a winter sport? I took this quiz from Seventeen (I didn’t write it) and got skiing. I’ve never skied before in my life, so that should be fun.

Speaking of Seventeen, when I worked there years ago, I met my now good friend Tammy Tibbetts (you might have seen her in the latest issue of Marie Claire as one of the 20 women who will change the world… I mean…!!!) She is running the NYC marathon in November to raise money for her organization She’s The First. If you donate, you’re not only helping to motivate Tammy to run 26.2 miles, but 100% goes directly to its scholarship fund, giving girls the chance around the world to get an education.

Hope you guys have a great weekend! Maybe we’ll go play frisbee or mini golf in the park. It’s supposed to be warm here. What are your plans?

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