One of my favorite things to do is to hear how authors got their start, and my other favorite thing to do is encourage people to write the novel they always wanted to write. So, I combined the two and came up with this fun new video series called, “Write Your Story.” I’ll be interviewing my favorite authors about their journey to publication, plus I’ll get them to share their best writing tips.

I hope this inspires anyone who’s ever wanted to write their own novel! I also hope it gives you ideas for new authors and books to add to your reading list.

My first guest is the lovely Georgia Clark, whose new rom-com novel “It Had to Be You” is out on May 4. Georgia was my first author friend after I got my book deal for “The Young Wives Club.” She took me under her wing and introduced me to tons of other amazing writers who I’m still friends with today. I think that’s one of the best parts about being a writer, is the community you get to belong to. And, as Georgia says in the video, having a good support group is one of the only things that’s in your control when it comes to publishing a book.

Hear her fascinating story, use her tips, and add her book to your summer reading list. I hope you enjoy!

(Ps- we have some other really amazing authors lined up for this series. Be sure to follow me on Instagram and Facebook to be notified about the upcoming episodes.)