As you may know — since I like to talk about it a lot 😛 — my first novel The Young Wives Club is coming out on Valentine’s Day. I can’t wait for you to meet Laura, Claire, Madison and Gabby. I spent a LOT of time with these girls through the years that they feel like friends to me (this happens to all authors, right? I’m not crazy?)

Anyway, two months feels like forever away, so to keep things moving along, my publisher is giving away 5 advance copies of the book — right now! If you want to hang out with the girls at the Sea Shack, laugh with them over awkward interactions, cry with them over heartbreak, and get the warm fuzzies in your stomach thinking about first loves, this giveaway is for you!

Head on over to and enter to win. The last day to enter is December 23.

Also, some early reviews are starting to happen. Here are a couple that had me smiling from ear to ear:

Thanks for all your support through this journey! Couldn’t have done this without you guys! xoxo