One of my goals this year was to be on House Hunters International–a TV favorite in our household. The concept is so simple–couples look at three houses with their broker and have to decide which one they’ll rent–yet it’s fascinating. I emailed HGTV before we moved but never heard back. I figure it was because they already have an Oxford episode. So, I decided I could just create the experience myself!

Here’s how it probably would have looked and sounded if we had actually been on HHI… (for the full effect, you have to read the following in the voice of the show’s narrator.)

House #1: Modern Unit With Study

Situated within walking distance of major bus stops (local and to London), this second floor unit comes with a spare study that would be perfect for Julie to use as an office during the day. The kitchen is renovated, making it look and feel more modern. £895 pcm ($1,519) 

Pros: “I love the shared garden and the fact that the other residents in the building are our age.” – Julie
Cons: “It’s a really far walk to work.” – Christopher

Living Room

House #2: Cottage With a View

Located within a 15-minute walk to Christopher’s work, this home has more of the Oxford-type feel the couple was hoping for. The bedroom window overlooks the English countryside, and the flat is very sunny with light coming in each room of the house. £850 pcm ($1,443) 

Pros: “You can’t beat that view.” – Christopher
Cons: “It’s a 15-minute walk to the nearest store.” – Julie

Living Room

House #3: Cozy Kitchen With a Bar

Located in a neighborhood far from Christopher’s work, the location is not ideal. However, the apartment itself has everything the couple is looking for. The living room and kitchen are connected by a passthrough bar, eliminating the need for a dining room table. £860 pcm ($1,460) 

Pros: “It’s got everything we need.” – Christopher
Cons: “It’s not an ideal location for us.” – Julie


So, what’s it going to be? Which one did the couple end up choosing? 

Christopher: “Are you thinking what I’m thinking?”
Julie: “Yes definitely. The favorite is obvious.”
At the same time: “House #2.”

Because of the competition for this property, Julie and Christopher ended up having to offer more than the asking price, but they tell themselves that it was worth it every time they look out at this view… 

So, what do you think? Did we make the right choice?
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