Can I just take a moment to squeal with joy?! I am so ridiculously excited about our latest upcoming travel plans. We’re heading to Barcelona in November!

As you know, Christopher and I are trying to make it a point to travel as much as humanly possible this year while it’s easier and cheaper to get around Europe. So, last night as we were trying out this amazingly delicious recipe for homemade sloppy joes (try it–so good!), we decided on Barcelona and booked our flights all while the joes were simmering. It was kind of on a whim — we knew we wanted to go somewhere in November so I just started looking up prices for the tickets and these were so inexpensive (we could probably spend the same amount of money if we just took cabs in NYC for one weekend.)

But it got me thinking, is it always this cheap from London or did we just pick a good time to go? I decided to look into when the best time to book flights were, and of course, those brilliant people at BuzzFeed packaged the info in a beautiful graphic that was just calling me to share it with you guys.

I know most of you guys are in the US, so this is perfect since it’s geared towards travel from America. Take a look and find out the secret to booking cheap flights!

Do you have any other secrets for finding good deals on flights? Tell me in a comment below (I can use all the help I can get this year!)