Pumpkin spice, cozy sweaters, and good TV are three of the things I love about fall. And since all of the new shows are finally in full swing, I thought it’d be fun to share our adventure of visiting the set of “The Big Bang Theory” during a recent trip to Los Angeles.

We went to a taping of the CBS sitcom thanks to an amazing hookup from my sister’s fabulous mother-in-law who has worked on the series since the beginning — she’s a stand-in and extra, so it’s always a fun game to see if we can spot her as we watch the show! (Note: anyone can get tickets to the show through this site, although it can be difficult to score them since it’s so popular.)

I’ve never been to a sitcom taping so didn’t really know what to expect. When we got there, a DJ was spinning some music and the show’s warm-up guy was already getting the crowd screaming with excitement. Earlier, someone had likened the taping to a party, and that’s exactly what it felt like.

Before the cast came out, we watched the never-before-seen previous episode so we’d be caught up with the plot for the one they were taping. Then, the stars were introduced and came out like the rockstars they are (spotlight, fun music, and lots of cheers from the crowd.)

The taping lasted about three hours. I was so surprised at how little the actors messed up (guess that’s why they’re up there and not me!) So professional, they were able to get each scene done in about two takes (the crew went crazy when they were able to do one of the scenes in only one take — judging by their reaction, that’s a rare yet very happy occurrence.)

For one scene, the writers even quickly changed a line for the second taping. Not sure what was wrong with the first one, but both were great!

One of the best things about attending a taping is getting to see all the behind-the-scenes people. Sometimes I caught myself just watching the crew instead of the scene. It’s a different perspective when you realize how many people it takes to produce something like this. Very impressive.

After the taping was over, we were lucky enough to have special wrist-bands that allowed us to go down to the set, thanks to our insider 🙂 (She’s not pictured, but that’s my sis and her hubby with us.)

It’s amazing how much smaller everything feels when you’re standing there — I guess that’s what they’re talking about when they use the words “movie magic.”

And magical it was! Such a fun time, and we’re so thankful we got to experience it.

PS- what new shows are you loving this season? I can’t get enough of This Is Us, American Housewife, and The Good Place. Any that you recommend?