I know this post will mean nothing to any of you reading from the Northeast or Chicago, but I am so excited to say we finally had our first snow in Oxford! Each morning, I wake up and open the curtains in our bedroom, taking a moment to look at the view. Quite often it’s rainy or dreary (although it’s sunny more times that I imagined it would be.) But today, without warning, I looked out onto this!

Seeing the snow made me want to do my happy dance a little longer this morning.

Since Christopher’s at work all day today, I decided to take a field trip to the park by myself to take it all in. Apologies for the lack of quality in the pics. I took them with the camera on my cheap replacement cell phone, so needless to say they’re not the best. But it’ll give you a sense of our neighborhood park!

Our miniature golf course
This is the path in the park I cut through multiple times a week to get to the local cafe.
There are little walls like these all over Oxford. It makes it feel so charming every time I walk by one.
Our local library where we feed our reading addictions.
This playground is awesome. It has a zip line!
Just to give you an idea of how green the grass is here–even in the winter!

Tonight, we already had grilled cheese sandwiches and creamy tomato soup on the menu so it couldn’t have been more perfect!

Hope you’re staying warm wherever you are!