If you’re anything like me, you’ve got a Pinterest board full of cute little holiday-specific appetizers but when it comes down to making them, you’d rather just buy chips and dip and be done with it. Well, it was my turn to host wine club this weekend, and I decided I needed to get my act together and try these cute recipes out. Of course, Pinterest has some wins but it also has some misses as we all know. With my fingers crossed, I tried these recipes out so that you don’t have to (or maybe you want to! Some were really easy and fun). Reviews, below — pictures, above. Enjoy!

1. Candy Corn & White Chocolate Softbatch Cookies 
— Hard
— Tasted fine, but they weren’t pretty.

When I came across this recipe on Pinterest, I was like, “This is gonna be awesome!” I’ve never thought about putting candy corn in cookies, so already this blogger was a genius. I followed the directions to the T — one thing she stresses is that you have to make sure the candy corn is covered by dough when you put it on the baking sheet, otherwise it’ll ooze while in the oven. I thought I did that, but when I took it out, it looked like orange, yellow, and white blood was coming out of my precious cookies. I guess that makes it spooky though… I just cut around the gross parts, and the girls seemed to love the cookies. So there’s that!

2. Carrot Pumpkin Veggie Tray
Difficulty — Easy
Outcome — Fun!

While mine didn’t come out nearly as perfect as the blogger who inspired me, I was pretty proud of it! Just throw a bunch of baby carrots on a plate and make some eyes and a mouth out of black olives. The blogger used broccoli for the stem but I didn’t think anyone would actually eat that, so I pretended it was stemless 🙂

3. Deviled Eggs With Olive Spiders 
Difficulty — Easy 
Outcome — Cute, but no one ate it.

I made my mom’s deviled eggs recipe (accidentally a little heavy-handed on the paprika, but nobody’s perfect…) and decided to try out a little olive spider on one of the eggs. It took 2 black olives and maybe 10 seconds total, so it was super easy to do. But deviled eggs with black olives sound disgusting to me, so I only made one with the spider effect in case it ruined the food. I won’t actually know if it tasted okay because none of us ate it! The other eggs were gone, but just as I had suspected, no one dared to try to the one with the spider.

4. Candy Corn Cheese Platter
Difficulty — Easy
Outcome — Adorable

A couple of years ago, I had tried to make this after seeing it in the Food Network Magazine. But it didn’t turn out the way it did in the mag (see my disastrous attempt here). I decided to try it again and really focus on the design this time. The trick is to gradually make the shape wider. I think this one came out pretty cute! And of course the cheese was a huge hit — that’s Brie at the top, Cheddar in the middle, and Gruyère at the bottom.

Have you tried any Pinterest recipes that I should know about? Please share!