Well guys, this is it. I can’t believe the time has come to leave our wonderful adventure of a year in Oxford and head back to New York City tomorrow. Our time abroad has been a life-changing experience, and I’m so happy you all have been with us on the journey via this blog. Thank you for subscribing, reading, and commenting throughout the year–I never once felt homesick, and I think it was because you all were with us the whole time.

A lot of you have asked what’s going to happen to this blog. I plan on keeping it up–the name and theme are obviously going to change since we won’t be abroad anymore, but I’m looking forward to sharing our adventures in New York City once we’re back. This has been a really fun outlet for me, and I hope you will continue checking in. I’m going to go on a brief hiatus for a couple of weeks while we get settled into our new (old) home and I make a few changes to the site, but I promise to be back soon!

We’re currently trying to pack our life up into 4 suitcases and 2 carry-ons, so I need to run. But, I’ll leave you with my top 5 favorite blog memories from this year. See you soon, America! xoxo

1. Mrs. Stratton’s Words of Wisdom – That time we received marriage advice from a sweet British lady waiting for the bus.

2. A Round of Drinks With a Real Oxford Native – That time we met a new friend at the pub.

3. Sleeping Among the Monkeys – That time we slept in a hut in Thailand.

4. Making New Friends Far Away From Home – That time we met our best friends this year.

5. What It’s Like to Attend a High Table Dinner in Oxford – That time we did the poshest thing ever.

Postcard I found from 1903 of people standing in front of our Oxford apartment. Just had to share here so I’ll always have it.