Thanks to all of you who helped us choose our anniversary trip destination in last week’s poll. We had over 60 votes, and it looks like we have a winner:

We’re looking forward to Italy! It came in first place with 24 votes. Greece followed closely behind with 17. Iceland came in third with 13, and Dubai got 6. We also got two write-ins, one suggesting Ireland and the other suggesting Lafayette, Louisiana (Dad, was that you? :P)

So, now comes the fun part of planning. Actually, I take that back– I hate planning. I wish we could just crowdsource the whole trip, but that would require me doing even more research. Instead, if you’ve got any recommendations of where to go or what to do, please share in the comments below! Basically, my only requirement is that we eat carbs for every meal, which shouldn’t be a problem hopefully.

Of course, we’re still planning on going to Greece, Dubai, and Iceland at some point in our lives (and yes, Dad, I’m coming to see you soon, too!)