Gossip Girl once said, “The thing about new beginnings is they require something else to end.” Today is the first day when I don’t technically have to quote GG for work (I was an editor for two and a half years at Alloy Entertainment, the creator of that amazing series), yet she perfectly sums up where I am in my life right this minute: surrounded by total chaos in my Brooklyn apartment as my husband and I prepare for our move to England in two days.


No more full-time job with a steady paycheck and guaranteed human interaction every day. No more last-minute dates with my BFFs where we can physically click our glasses to celebrate whatever it is we’re excited about. No more Just Salad or Jersey Mikes. And my friends are telling me they don’t do iced coffee over there. Is that true? If so, I should just give up now…

But, as scary as it is, I’m also super excited about the adventure. Christopher, my husband (clarifying for like the one reader out there who isn’t my friend or mom–hi!), and I only got married two months ago so we figured it will feel like an extended honeymoon while we’re over there for one year. We’ll be sure to chronicle all the fun right here. It’ll give me something to do while I panic about finding freelance work, miss my besties, and figure out how to make the perfect cup of iced coffee at home. So, cheers to new beginnings! Let’s do this… XOXO – Julie